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SunPatiens BOGO!

BOGO! SunPatiens! Buy One Get One Free this week!
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Gardens have never been more beautiful with easy-to-grow SunPatiens. These super plants tolerate high heat and humidity, responding with vigorous growth and they absolutely LOVE the sun. But they do offer full-sun to part-shade versatility!


So easy to grow, these showstoppers get three feet high and three feet across! They bloom nonstop, spring through frost, in vibrant colors! Pink, orange, white, magenta, pick your favorite!
This superfun plant will thrive in your garden!


SunPatiens are downy mildew resistant and offer exceptional outdoor performance that has been proven time and again!

Here’s a cool idea for a tiered vertical planter!

VOTE! Magical Mystical Fairy Garden!

We’ve collected all the entries for our Magical Mystical Fairy Garden Contest! Thanks so much to all everyone who created a Fairy Garden and entered our contest!

You can vote for your favorite Fairy Garden by clicking the link below. Here are photos of all the contest entries!

Now, on with the show!

Fairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden Entry


 Click  to vote:

 Your favorite Fairy Garden!























Click  to vote:

Your favorite KIDS Fairy Garden!

Fairy Garden Entry KIDS!Fairy Garden Entry KIDS!Fairy Garden Entry KIDS!

Magical Mystical Fairy Garden Photo Contest

Magical Mystical Fairy Garden Photo Contest!

Submit a photo to our Magical Mystical Fairy Garden Photo Contest for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Lake Garden Shops!

At Crystal Lake Garden Shop, we love Fairy Gardens and we’d like to urge you to participate in our Magical Mystical Fairy Garden Photo Contest! We’re looking for the most Magical Mystical Fairy Garden we can find! We’ve planted a fairy garden or two in each shop that you can use for inspiration. We invite everyone to enter, young and old, short and sweet, tall or small. Plant a Fairy Garden, it can be simple or complex, fancy or plain and you can use anything you think will entice a fairy to move in to your garden. Miniature plants, tiny fairy figures or fanciful decorations, the sky’s the limit! Then take a picture and submit it for a chance to win the Fairy Garden Photo Contest!

Magical Mystaical Fairy Garden Photo Contest
Ocean themed miniature garden

A prize will be awarded in two categories: Fairy Gardeners 16 and under and Fairy Gardeners 16 and older.

After you’ve planted your Fairy Garden, click here to submit a photo of your mystical creation.  You can enter the contest between Sunday, May 15, 2016 and Sunday June 12, 2016. Then, all our Crystal Lake friends will vote to pick the most Magical Mystical Fairy Garden. Voting will begin on Monday, June 13, 2016 and end on Sunday, June 19, 2016. The prizes will be awarded on June 20, 2016.

Magical Mystaical Fairy Garden Photo Contest
Fairy House

For both categories, a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Lake Garden Shop will be awarded to owner of the Fairy Garden photo that receives the most votes. Folks, we hope you have as much fun with your Fairy Garden as we have with ours, so get out there and make some magic!

Magical Mystaical Fairy Garden Photo Contest
Fairy Garden

Lettuce Bowls – BOGO!

The leafy, green vegetable that’s easy to grow!

Especially if you try one of our Lettuce Bowls!

I’ve been craving crisp, crunchy texture in my meals for awhile now. I’m not satisfied with what I can get from the grocery.  Last week I took home one of Mike’s  leafy bowls and fresh lettuce sure does hit the spot! I love that I can just grab a leaf or two on the fly, and not have to mess with a whole head. A quick rinse and I’m off to the sandwich board.

Sooo, Mike planted a ton of these bowls but they came in a little late. I don’t know how that’s a bad thing because I think they’re fabulous. The lush, leafy, abundant containers are ready for your sandwich or salad. But lettuce isn’t just for a salad or a sandwich anymore.  I tried this little gem of a recipe and thought I’d pass it on.

BLT stuffed Tomatoes –

bacon lettuce and cheese stuffed tomato
WOW factor:11









Did you know that Thomas Jefferson had 19 different varieties growing in his garden at Monticello? It’s also the second most popular fresh vegetable in the US.  (#1 is the potato.)

crisp and crunchy, lettuce saves the day!


This week, stop in and check out our superfun lettuce bowls. They are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE from Friday May 20, 2016 until they’re gone!

Folks, don’t forget what Uncle Mike always says, “If I can grow it, you can too!”

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Fairy Gardens – Miniature Fun!

A Fairy? Really?

Fairies love mushrooms…

I think there may be a fairy looking to take up residence in my yard. In the last few days, I’ve noticed little things that are odd, but not out of the ordinary. A small, sunny spot weeded, a broken ceramic pot moved and what looks like a tiny bench and campfire. The idea that a mystical being might want to live in my yard is exciting. I’ve decided I’m going to try to welcome her.

How to make a  Garden attractive to a fairy

Fairy in her garden

Size matters!  I hear that a fairy will take over an attractive space and make it her own.  Fairies, like humans, love warmth, comfort, quiet and feeling safe. With that in mind, one could create a magical space that would seem like home to a little sprite. Add tiny plants that will grow and flourish, but make sure to space  them out a bit to give them room to grow. Anything colorful will delight a fairy and entice her to move in!

Choose a good spot

A container or a garden in a sunny spot is a great choice for a fairy garden. A good spot also needs access to water. A little water now and then is important. You don’t want your fairy to have to carry water to her garden, right? Make sure you can help the garden along with regular watering. A dry spot is all right, provided you can add water easily. Choose a spot that is out of the way of running dogs or kids, lawnmowers or curious kittens. Your new neighbor wants to feel safe, remember? Pick a good spot out of the way, but close enough for you to keep a good eye out.

little birdies…

Add things that will help a fairy

tiny cyclamen

Fairies are industrious little creatures who want to help. A happy fairy will keep watch over all of your other gardens if  her garden is comfortable and feels like home. A house to shield her from the rain, a table to sit at and munch her lunch or a few tiny garden tools will go along way to help a fairy. Beautiful flowers,wonderful greenery and tiny statues are important too. Choose things you like, if you’re happy about your garden, a fairy will be too!

Help take care of the garden

All gardens need your attention. Yours is no different. Regular watering and feeding is important. Take care to see that weeds don’t invade your tiny fairy home. Keep your little neighbor safe by making sure her house is safe and secure. But most of all, love your garden and it will bring you immeasurable joy! Enchantment awaits!

tiny viola

Ipomea – Sweet Potato Vine – Propagation


Ipomea – Sweet Potato Vine


Today we are going to learn about the Art of Propagation!

When we propagate Ipomea,we take cuttings and quickly plant them into a tray with tiny cells of soil. From there the trays go onto the propagation bench, which keeps the trays warm from below as well as above. this promotes good root formation. The propagated trays stay on the warm bench for about three weeks. they will then be transplanted in to 4″ pots and be ready for sale around Mothers Day.

We begin with a tray of plants and take small cuttings.

We start with a tray of plants

The cuttings are the growing tip of the plant. IMG_0504

Each one has a couple breaks and some new growth.


Then we poke a hole in each cell so that the cutting has a little breathing room and space for a root to develop.


Then we stick the cut end of the cutting into the growing media.


Each tray has 105 cells, so we can expect at least 100 plants from a tray. A few may die, but only a few.  in a month or so, we’ll transplant each little cell into a 4″ pot to finish them. These Ipomea or Sweet Potao Vine will be ready around Mothers Day.

Opening Day – Spring 2016!

Plant your most beautiful Spring ever!

 Beauty Starts Here!

We love to start with a bang and we’ve got some great things in store for 2016!

The Plymouth and Carver stores are open from 9-5 every day.  We’ll start things off with color, color, color! Pansies, Cool Baskets, Violas and Ranunculus sure pack a punch when it comes to brightening up your winter weary garden. Stop in and check out our Venidium, Osteospermum and Nemesia.  They rock out in the cooler temperatures. And while they have funny names, they don’t mess around when it comes to making your spring garden a winner .

Spring Color!
Stunning Spring Color!

Our cool crops are not only vibrant and cheery, but they’ll take the cool weather of our New England spring and love every minute of it. These super pretty plants grew up right here in our greenhouses in Carver and now they’re ready to flourish in your garden. We also have early vegetables: broccoli, califlower, brussel sprouts and assorted lettuces, just to name a few.

Spring Flowers
Cool plants for cool weather…

We offer a fabulous selection of fine trees and nice shrubberies.  If a perennial is what you’re after, we have those too. We’re kickin’ it old school with a few bulbs as well. Just now, we have Daffodils and Grape Hyacinth in flower, ready to cheer and delight you.

Gorgeous Geraniums

On the horizon, the sea of geraniums is shaping up nicely.  The greenhouses are chock full of plants just waiting for the warm weather.  As I walked through today, I found myself making note of so many things I want to plant, I’m not sure I’ll have room for all of them. I’ll just have to make more gardens! And in the meantime, the cool weather plants are here to cheer!

Spring 2016! It’s very nearly here…

Spring 2016! It’s very nearly here!

Just now my yard is so drab and colorless. But I’ve been out today with a rake and found all sorts of things just starting to come up. With my gardens just starting to wake up, I’m getting excited about everything I want to plant. Spring 2016! is most definitely on the way.

Can't wait for spring!

I just can’t wait for spring!

I’m thinking about color schemes an new gardens I want to make. I have a good amount of shade in the yard and I want to fill it with  plants that add height and texture.


Attracting birds and Butterflies is also a consideration. I’d like to add fragrant blooms and new shrubberies too.

Love this color.
Love this color.

Mostly, I just want to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun and clear away the traces of winter.

Orange, yellow and purple. Quite nice together.
Orange, yellow and purple. Quite nice together.

I can’t wait to get out and get my hands dirty and create my summer space!

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Another view.
Another view.