Let the Blooming Begin!

Let the Blooming Begin!

Our Plymouth store will open on Monday, April 10, 2017!
Blooming Madinia
New, exciting and absolutely fabulous!

Spring has sprung, we are blooming and so excited to open our Plymouth store! Join us  in celebrating with early spring favorites.

Kousa Dogwood in bloom
Kousa Dogwood in bloom

Now is a great time to plan  for spring flower gardens, early vegetable gardens and of course summer gardens!It’s also a great time to research planting something a little bigger, like a new tree or shrub and perennial flowers. We’ll be on hand to talk about all your options and tell you about all our new and exciting varieties we’re growing now in the greenhouses!

There’s no better way to ring in the spring with masses of blooms in vibrant color.  Stop in for a visit and a chat.  Can’t wait to see you!

Spring medley
Spring medley

Christmas Fair at Crystal Lake!

Christmas Fair at Crystal Lake!


Christmas Fair at Crystal Lake!
December 2,3 and 4, 2016 from 10-6
at our Plymouth Shop!
252 Summer Street
Plymouth 508-746-4439

A Christmas Fair at Crystal Lake has the feel of an old fashioned Christmas with a unique gathering of local artists and craft folk combined with the finest of Christmas greenery, centerpieces and tasty treats from regional foodie favorites! (think chocolates, honey, jams and jellies!)

We lined up some great demonstrations for the weekend: basket weaving with Patty Babson and chainsaw carving with Ross MacVicar will take place on Saturday, and bird decoy carving with Duke’s decoys on Sunday!

Christmas Fair
Ross at work

Ross has spent years creating truly unique art with a chainsaw. He specializes in North American mammals and scenes from nature.Ross has a great eye for detail. I love his artistry and can’t wait to see him create in person! He’ll be here on Saturday!

Christmas Fair
Handmade Baskets!

Patty creates wonderful basketry of all shapes and sizes, with various types of reeds, embellishments, color and texture! She loves to share her passion with others and would love to see you! Ask for her card, she also gives lessons! Stop by to see her on Saturday!

Christmas Fair
Soo Pretty!

 Check out Duke’s Decoys, Duke will be here demonstrating his artwork and wonderful technique. I love his style and he’ll be on hand to answer questions and chat on Sunday!

Stroll through the Fair and experience handmade clothing, artwork and whimsical Christmas regalia. Choose a wreath or spray from our display or have Mike put one together for you on the spot to your specifications!

Poinsettia, Cyclamen and Amaryllis are all looking for new homes. Of course, Christmas trees, wreaths, kissing balls and garland and roping are always available. Stroll about the shop and enjoy the sights, scents and tastes of the season!

Stop in and have a chat! Sample a chocolate or sip a coffee! Come one, Come all! We can’t wait to see you!

Celebrating Holidays…

Celebrating Holidays…

 The year end holidays are a balm for my soul.  And while I don’t necessarily relax, the most enjoyable ways for me to celebrate the holidays are decorating the house, hosting a couple of fabulous feasts and spending time with family. From the days just before Thanksgiving and culminating with the New Year, I have a mental checklist of gathering  holiday food,  arranging dinners and parties, embracing family and giving gifts. It all starts with Thanksgiving, leading on to Christmas and ending with the New Year celebration.

Thanksgiving equals YUM!

Happy Thanksgiving

I especially love the colors and scents of autumn. Nutmeg, apples and cinnamon, vivid foliage, and the cool, crisp air of the fall spur in me a desire to create.  For our Thanksgiving meal I try to add something new every year: a tasty chutney, a  decadent sweet, or a  honey and spice infused cider.  I invite my sisters to bring a dish they love that we haven’t included in our feasts before. For us, cooking and creating a sumptuous meal, gathering our friends and family and earnestly giving thanks is the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Christmas is my favorite holiday…

Merry Christmas

 Decorating for Christmas is one way I remove myself from the hustle and bustle of the commercial aspect of the holidays. Just after Thanksgiving, I start  by draping  everything that will stand still with ribbon and garland.  I love the the sparkle and shine of Christmas and each year I choose at least one new ornament to add to my tree.  I usually pick out a huge tree, disregarding whether or not I can reasonably fit it in the house.  The scent of a live Christmas tree in the house is one of the nicest things about this season. I have a penchant for kissing balls and hang at least two each Christmas season.

New Year, New Beginning

Happy New Year

We all love the glitz and glitter of The New Year. These year end celebrations are superfun and exciting, but they also remind me to be gracious and kind to my neighbors and be thankful for every blessing bestowed upon me.  A new year is almost like a reset button, I don’t often make New Years resolutions, but  I do try to refocus my energies to what is important to my family, my community and our world. By wrapping up one year and beginning the next, we get a fresh start and that is really cool.

Autumn and Christmas Fair!

Autumn and Christmas Fair

SuperSecret Sale!

Open daily until October 28th, 2016
Crystal Lake Garden Shop in CARVER
19 West St – Carver Ma 02330
Join us for our Autumn and Christmas Fair!
Are you decorating for Autumn?
Would you like to get a jump on Christmas shopping?
How about a new tree or shrub for your garden?
autumn and christmas fair 
autumn and christmas fair
Our favorite local crafters and artisans have gathered at Crystal Lake Garden Shop in Carver to offer you the finest in handmade goods, unusual gift items, needlework and decorative art,

quilts, gift ware, fall themed wreaths and more! The Autumn and Christmas Fair also offers a pleasing array of jams and jellies, delicious candies, as well as local honey.

autumn and christmas fair 
Jams, Honey and Candies!
We offer a fine selection of mums and pumpkins, cornstalks and straw bales, ornamental peppers and decorative kale. We have a great lineup of trees, shrubs and perennials, marked waaay down, all wishing to find their forever homes!
autumn and christmas fair 
Cute Little Dollies!
Stop in and check out the Autumn and Christmas Fair at the Carver store! We’d love to see you Sundays and Mondays between 10 and 4. Or drop in Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9-5.

Fall Festival – Crystal Lake!

color texture
lFall Festival at Crystal Lake

 Fall Festival at Crystal Lake

9am – 5pm ~ Saturday October 8, 2016

252 Summer St ~ Plymouth MA 02360

Our Fall Festival showcases the wonderful products we have in store this season! Come celebrate with us as we sample local honey and apples, hot cider, tasty baked goods and jams, jellies and a myriad of maple everything! We also offer pumpkin painting and a candy apple bar!

Apple cider Fall Festival
Apple cider

All are welcome! Bring the family!

The Fall Festival includes Pumpkin Painting! Ditch the carving tools and  join us for an easier, no-carve  way to decorate for the season!

Fall festival
Pumpkin Painting!

Choose from a great selection of colors to put your design on a pumpkin to take home. Great for kids and adults, Grandma and Grandpa, jump in and have a blast!

Apple? Apples. We have locally grown apples.

Fall Festival
Fall Festival

 Cortlands, MacIntosh, Blondee  and Macouns are all on deck for your pleasure. For cooking, baking or snacking, we have an apple for you. Try a sip of cider, we’ll have it warmed and waiting!  We’ll also feature a “make your own” candy apple bar, where you can choose from a bunch of toppings to decorate a candy apple. Indulge your sweet tooth and dive in. There’s an apple involved so it must be healthy. Right?

During the Festival, we’ll have available plenty of sampling opportunities. We will bake up some of our new baking mixes, crack open some of of new jams and jellies and fire up some fancy hot cocoa!

Honey Fall Festival
Honey comb – Thanks news.wabe.org

Look over our selections of local honey, maple syrup, maple candy, maple infused vinegar, maple everything!


Meet Bridget. She rocks! She’s the mastermind behind the Fall Festival at Crystal Lake! Bridget is attractive and high spirited,  vivacious and superfun! She dreamed up the Fall Festival at Crystal Lake because Fall is her favorite season. Bridget loves to garden, but she also loves to bake, and cook and craft.   She’s combined all these things into one super exciting day at the Plymouth shop and hopes you’ll join us!


SuperSecret Sale! 50% off!

SuperSecret Sale!

Take 50% off all perennials and nursery stock!

Check out our sale for some great deals…Folks, Fall is a fabulous time to plant perennials and nursery stock! Cool temperatures, bright light and more rain gives plants a good opportunity to set roots and get a great start for next spring!

perennials sale

Stop in and check out our stock. Since this is SuperSecret, it’s a surprise as to what you’ll find! Deeply discounted, you’ll find some great things to add to your gardens. (Think Kousa dogwood, Stewartia, Japanese Maple, Ferns, Echinacea, Garden Phlox, Hosta and Hydrangea)

perennials sale

We love seeing our flowering trees and shrubs find their forever homes. And we love to see you most of all! Come by, stroll around, have a chat and a treat! Sale continues while supplies last!

kousa sale

The Tastes of Autumn…Maple and Honey

The Tastes of Autumn have arrived!

Autumn brings the harvest season and with it maple and honey,  some of the most wonderful tastes of the year! I love shopping for delicious maple and honey products to fill my cupboards for the coming year.   Mike, Margaret and Gretchen had a fabulous time touring local farms to find the nicest treats to offer in our shops. Here’s a sampling of what we love and want to share with you.

Maple everything!
Maple everything!
We stock maple everything!

Maple sugar, maple butter, maple syrups and maple infused vinegar are available now!

I’m super excited about the maple balsamic vinegar from Warren Farm in North Brookfield, Mass. This is the description:  “A sultry blend of pure maple syrup, garlic, peppercorns, spices, and rich balsamic vinegar creates an unforgettable marinade for dark meats, acts as an amazing dressing for sliced tomatoes and mozzarella, and provides a hearty dipping oil for European market breads.”

Since I still have a boatload of tomatoes on the vine, I’m going to try this in a tomato and mozzarella salad!

I like the looks of this recipe, Caprese Salad with Maple Balsamic Vinegrette. Let us know if you find one that you like!

Maple Vinegar
Maple Vinegar
Honey, Honey, Honey!
Local Honey
Local Honey

We’re a bunch of honey lovers and we’d like to share our love of honey with you! We’ve stocked local honey from Queen Bee Honey in Pembroke Mass will totally rock your world! I love honey sticks because they are very portable and go in my lunch box every day. When I add honey to my tea, oatmeal and my pancakes it adds just the right amount of sweetness. I tried the honey candy when it first came in and I’m hooked!   Honey is a very versatile food and can be used in cooking,  baking, sauces and marinades and as a spread for breads and muffins. It also rocks as an addition to beverages or used  in craft beers and mead!

pumpkin and cinnamon
Pumpkin and cinnamon – Thanks to BBC News

Last but not Least.. Pumpkin!

Boy do I have a thing for pumpkin! I love pumpkin anything. Usually when i make pies, cookies or quick breads, I use a mixture of pumpkin and winter squash. Pumpkin spice is also a staple in my kitchen and often apple is used as a compliment.  I made this Pumpkin Honey Butter last week and ate most of it myself! And this Dutch Apple Pumpkin Crisp will grace my table Thanksgiving Day!

Stop in for a chat and a taste of some of our new offerings !


SuperSecretSale! Kousa, Stewartia, Maple


Stewartia – Japanese Maple – Kousa Dogwood

We are offering the favorites of our nursery stock at a deep discount (up to 40% off!) with our SuperSecretSale! Each of these trees grow great in our area and bring stunning foliage, blooms, color, texture and interest to your garden.


Stewartia or False Camilla is happy in sun or shade and sports a very interesting peeling bark. The foliage starts out a  bronzey purple in spring, dark green in summer and orange or red in the fall. Mid-summer blooming results in large camilla like blooms.

Stewartia – False Camilla

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples are particularly suitable for borders and ornamental paths because the root systems are compact and not invasive. Many varieties of Japanese Maple are successfully grown in containers.  Hand shaped leaves in a variety of colors are sure to make an impact in your space. Preffering part shade, especially in hotter climates, almost all are adaptable and blend well with companion plants.

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple

Kousa Dogwood

While known for their delicate beauty,  the Kousa Dogwood adds a toughness that makes this species an excellent choice for home landscapes. The Kousa blooms profusely in spring and offers a wonderful shade canopy during  the summer months. In autumn, the leaves turn a vibrant red.


By Henryhartley at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1960857

Cool New Surprises!

The hope of cool days, crisp nights and the harvest of our fall crops. The Plymouth shop has some great surprises ahead and here’s what happening today:

The aroma of pumpkin spice coffee has filled the shop…

 cool pumpkin and cinnamon
cool pumpkin and cinnamon – Thanks to BBC News

Deb and Bridget are working on refinishing this beautiful hutch…

Great Hutch!
Great Hutch!

New surprises headed our way to make this season our most exciting yet!

Honey comb – Thanks to news.wabe.org

We have so much planned for the coming season. We invite you to join us in Plymouth for a sip of something warm , a nice chat and a few surprises!

Fall, Garden Spaces, Perennials

Fall Plants

Just because the summer is winding down, it doesn’t mean we have to give up enjoying our garden spaces. Sure, our summer annuals may be wrapping up their time here on earth, but there are good plants that offer the same things our summer plants do, just in the fall. I love these plants because they thrive in the cooler temperatures of late summer and fall. They have no problem with chilly nights and they will take a light frost! And they can help us transition from summer to winter by easing us into the new season with fabulous colors and textures.

color texture
Color and Texture

Color, Texture and Space

When planning a garden, we consider the garden space as our artists palette. Using plants, we paint our space. We choose vivid colors that catch our eye, add intensity and speak to us in an emotional way. Texture and height add dimension, depth and draw the eye to the different elements of our garden spaces. These concepts are true in  every season. A garden in winter may only seem to contain a few evergreen shrubs, but those shrubs save our place and remind us spring is on the way. Spring, summer and fall gardens all have their own looks and feels, each one a new palette for us to paint!


Fall is for Perennials

While we can plant a perennial at any time the ground is warm and can be worked, fall is a super time to plant a perennial. Night temperatures are cooler, giving plants the opportunity to settle in nicely and establish themselves before the frost. Planted in the cooler temps of late summer and fall, our perennials get a great start at showing off in the coming spring and summer. Different perennials bloom at different times during the warm weather, so a perennial garden can provide a different bloom for months to come.

Decorative Kale - Fall
Decorative Kale