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Dinosaur Planter with Succulents!

Join us for a RAWR-in’ good time!

Dinosaur Planter with Succulents!
Great teacher gift!
Great teacher gift!
Mini-Creative Workshop for KIDS!

With our dinosaur planter with succulents, kids can create a living gift for your teacher or Dad!
Saturday June 16, 2018 at Crystal Lake in Plymouth

Dinosaur planter with succulents
Let’s Get Growing!

Kids of any age can gain a love of the out doors and gardening. Gardening includes a couple of things kids love: dirt and water. Kids also love color and beauty. We can create the opportunity to learn through doing and by engaging a childs natural curiosity. This Mini-Creative Workshop for Kids is designed to do just that! With a little dirt, a rawr-in’ good dino planter and some super pre-historic looking plants, we can get kids growing!

Mini-Creative Workshop for Kids

Dinosaur Planter with Succulents! Combine our superfun, colorful Dinosaur planters with a pre-historic plant to delight a teacher you love or make a great gift for Dad! In creating this little planter, kids will add easy to care for succulents, a bit of love and alot of RAWRS!

Dinosaur Planter with Succulents!

$15 includes planter, all supplies and plants. You add the fun!
Stop in between 10 and 2pm on Saturday June 16,2018
While supplies last!

Dinosaur Planter with Succulents!

Crystal Lake Garden Shop

252 Summer Street,

Plymouth Ma 02360



Angelonia – the Summer Snapdragon!

Angelonia – the Summer Snapdragon!

Angelonia – The Summer Snapdragon! provides spectacular color and abundant blooms keeping gardens in color all season and through fall. A long bloom time makes Angelonia a great choice for landsacpes, borders and even containers without competing with her neighbors.

Angelonia – The Summer Snapdragon!

Angelonia - The Summer Snapdragon
Angelonia – The Summer Snapdragon

Angelonia sports abundant blooms on spikes that can reach 2 ft high. A true sun-lover,  Angelonia will do best in a sunny spot. Angelonia can withstand a drought (within reason). You’ll be well rewarded with a light application of fertilizer once a month.


Vigorous and showy, Angelonia – The Summer Snapdragon! can be relied upon for dependable garden performance through the hottest summer weather. We have Angelonia in an array of colors in both Plymouth and Carver stores. Stop in and check ’em out!

Sparkler Cleome! Buy One Get One FREE!

Sparkler Cleome! Buy One Get one FREE!

Sale starts TODAY!

May 25, 2018

Sparkler Cleome!
Long bloom time, great for attracting pollinators!
Buy One Get One FREE!
Buy One Get One FREE!

Sparkler Cleome! While being heat and drought tolerant, Sparkler Cleome offers tons of blooms from early summer to late fall. Sparkler Cleome attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and loves a sunny spot. Quickly reaching 3-4 ft in height, Sparkler Cleome will add texture and interest to any landscape.

Sparkler Cleome!
Superfun for all gardens!

Stop in and check ’em out! Available in both Carver and Plymouth, while supplies last. BOGO, reg $5.99
Sale runs from Friday May 25, 2018 – Thusday May 31, 2018.