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VOTE! Magical Mystical Fairy Garden!

We’ve collected all the entries for our Magical Mystical Fairy Garden Contest! Thanks so much to all everyone who created a Fairy Garden and entered our contest!

You can vote for your favorite Fairy Garden by clicking the link below. Here are photos of all the contest entries!

Now, on with the show!

Fairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden EntryFairy Garden Entry


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Your favorite KIDS Fairy Garden!

Fairy Garden Entry KIDS!Fairy Garden Entry KIDS!Fairy Garden Entry KIDS!

Ipomea – Sweet Potato Vine – Propagation


Ipomea – Sweet Potato Vine


Today we are going to learn about the Art of Propagation!

When we propagate Ipomea,we take cuttings and quickly plant them into a tray with tiny cells of soil. From there the trays go onto the propagation bench, which keeps the trays warm from below as well as above. this promotes good root formation. The propagated trays stay on the warm bench for about three weeks. they will then be transplanted in to 4″ pots and be ready for sale around Mothers Day.

We begin with a tray of plants and take small cuttings.

We start with a tray of plants

The cuttings are the growing tip of the plant. IMG_0504

Each one has a couple breaks and some new growth.


Then we poke a hole in each cell so that the cutting has a little breathing room and space for a root to develop.


Then we stick the cut end of the cutting into the growing media.


Each tray has 105 cells, so we can expect at least 100 plants from a tray. A few may die, but only a few.  in a month or so, we’ll transplant each little cell into a 4″ pot to finish them. These Ipomea or Sweet Potao Vine will be ready around Mothers Day.

Goo-Goo for Gaura! SuperSecretSale!


Goo-Goo for Gaura! SuperSecretSale!

Saturday June 13 – Thursday June 18, 2015
Gaura aka Whirling Butterflies is a wonderous plant that looks like hundreds of little butterflies in the breeze! As a butterfly, bee and bird attractor, Gaura really shines. Gaura is a moderate perennial. In the right conditions it may come back the next year, we’ve been know to get a couple years from them!


Gaura will bloom all season, add height and texture to a rock garden, mixed border or container. Gaura will also provide free flowing whimsy and a fluttery, flowery, fluffy effect to your space!
Gaura will grow 2-3 ft high AND wide. It loves the sun, is heat and drought tolerant and would love to live in your yard…


Gaura, 6″ pots, $6.99 each on sale at all three locations in Plymouth, Carver and Pembroke, from Saturday June 13 – Thursday June 18, 2015. Stop in and check ’em out!