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An Old Fashioned Christmas Fair

An Old Fashioned Christmas Fair


The Old Fashioned Christmas Fair is a delightful holiday experience featuring handmade clothing, artwork and whimsical Christmas regalia.

Crystal Lake Garden Shop
December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2017 from 10-6
at our Plymouth Shop!
252 Summer Street
Plymouth 508-746-4439

An Old Fashioned Christmas Fair at Crystal Lake is a unique gathering of local artists and craft folk combined with the finest of Christmas greenery, centerpieces and tasty treats from regional foodie favorites! (think chocolates, honey, jams and jellies!) We’ve got the sparkle and shine, the scents and aromas and the look and feel of an Old Fashioned Christmas. Stroll about the shop and enjoy the sights, scents and tastes of the season!

An Old Fashioned Christmas


Crazy Mike’s Christmas Tree farm is open with Christmas trees,  gorgeous wreaths, kissing balls, garland and roping.  Choose a wreath or spray from our display or have  Crazy Mike put one together for you on the spot to your specifications. Poinsettia, Cyclamen and Amaryllis are all looking for new homes.  Mike has a new Poinsettia called the “Pixie Pink.” It is cute as can be!

An Old Fashioned Christmas fair
Poinsettias and Succulents

Stop in and have a chat. Sample a chocolate or sip a coffee.

Come one, come all – We can’t wait to see you!

Christmas Trees at Crystal Lake

Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir
courtesy of

When I looked into the history of what you and I call a Christmas tree, I found a TON of information. This is a brief synopsis: using evergreens, wreaths and assorted greenery, folks far back in time have used these items to celebrate  pre-Christain traditions, mid-winter festivals such as Saturnalia and  the Viking and Saxon worship of trees. The Christmas tree as we know it probably came in to fashion around the time of Queen Victoria.

christmas tree

Childhood Memories

A live Christmas tree is a huge part of my childhood Christmas memories. My dad and my bother would wrestle a huge, beautifully scented tree into the house about two weeks before Christmas. My  mother and my sister would go up to the attic and bring out the lights and baubles. The dad and brother would erect the tree and test and string the lights, while  mother and sister sorted and dusted the ornaments. There was a nativity scene as well, which was placed on a table near the tree.  The nativity was my favorite Christmas tradition by far. I spent hours arranging the little animals, telling myself the story and wondering what it would be like to sleep in a little manger lined with straw.


A Family Affair

The whole family decorated the tree.  We could choose any decoration we liked and place it anywhere on the tree. Mum or dad would place a sparkly star at the top, and sometimes chose one of us children to place it. That was a big honor! In those days we had thin strips of shiny tinsel that got all over everything. There was always a bit of a dispute as to how much should be used. The kids wanted to smother the tree with it and mum and dad wanted only teeny bits placed. We were allowed to use too much, and later mum would make it disappear, to save herself the bother of finding it everywhere later.

Christmas tree

We Have It All!

Crystal Lake Garden Shop in Plymouth has trees, wreaths, kissing balls available now. We also offer a great selection of garland and greenery to  decorate your space. New and exciting items are arriving daily, so stop in for a chat and a look. We’re here 10-6 pm daily and looking forward to seeing you!


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