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SuperSecretSales and Pop-Up Sales…

SuperSecretSales and Pop-Up Sales

Crystal Lake Garden Shop

Here at Crystal Lake, we often offer SuperSecretSales

SuperSecretSales are not really secret, we tell everyone, it’s just a catchy phrase we use. The sales are pretty catchy too and each one is a great value.  They are the best and the nicest of our plants and we want to share these with you because they are fabulous! We post these sales all over social media and our website, and we tell every person we come in contact with about them! SuperSecretSales are great because we know when they will happen and can tell everybody.

Can't wait for Spring 2016!
Love this color.

Today we made up a new sale category, The Pop-Up Sale!

Pop-Sales are a spur of the moment kind of sale, not planned, so they can happen at any time. Generally, we have all our ducks in a row, we keep ourselves on track and we have all our sales and events planned well in advance. But then life happens and we realize we have some really great stuff that needs a home. A Pop-Up Sale could be anything! It may be offered at a discounted price or it might be a Buy One Get One offer. You never know.  We probably won’t post them on Facebook because we’re just running around crazy and realize there is something wonderful that you might like. So we’ll gather the plants together, throw up a sign and if you happen to stop by, you’ll  run into a Pop-Up Sale!

A Pop-Up Sale could be a BOGO offer!

Coleus – Unmatched Versatility

Coleus – Unmatched Versatility

A Super Plant

This is a great plant with endlessly colorful foliage all season. Diverse colors, leaf shapes, growing habits make it a great plant for containers or the landscape.  Our coleus are sun lovers and can be used in shady areas to add color.  Tall or short, narrow, bushy or trailing, there is a coleus for your garden!

Unmatched Versatility

Traditionally grown for shade, new varieties tolerate sunny spots quite well.  They prefer evenly moist soil and can be pinched throughout the growing season to encourage new growth. Fertilize every 2-3 weeks or use a time release fertilizer if you wish.

In the greenhouse

Coleus blossoms are insignificant and can be removed so as not to take away from the beauty of the foliage. While neither unattractive or showy, the blooms are small and lavender in color and kinda cute!

We love this super plant  because it doesn’t ask for much and puts on a great show all summer and into the fall. The reds, oranges, purples and greens in many different hues stand on their own compliment other plants .

Stop in this weekend and check out our coleus. They make a great addition to any garden. They are also very quiet and make good neighbors…

Patriot Geranium – Buy One Get One!

Patriot Geranium – Buy One Get One Free!

(while supplies last)

The All American Plant!

Here’s Mike to tell you about the Patriot Geranium…

Big and bold, Patriot Geraniums (also known as Boldly)  LOVE the sun! They are low maintenance, last all season and provide a vivid splash of color.

Since Mike grew too many, he’s offering a buy one get one deal! They will never be more affordable. It’s the deal of a lifetime!

We have Patriots in red, white and pink, both in the Plymouth and Carver Shops.

Patriot Geranium

The All American Plant – Patriot Geranium will wow your friends and make any landscape or container pop! Easy to grow and maintain, the Patriot will tolerate very hot and dry conditions and will only need to be watered twice a week.  You can feed them twice a month with a general purpose fertilizer for a WOW! factor of 11!

Stop in and check ’em out!