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Creative Workshop – Container Gardening with Mike!

A Festive Fall Antique Cranberry Box!

RESCHEDULED to Friday September 22, 2017 at 11am at the Plymouth Shop

Creative Workshop – Container Gardening with Mike!
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Our Creative Workshop Series continues with A Festive Fall Antique Cranberry Box!Creative Workshop - Container Gardening

Friday September 22, 2017 at 11am at the Plymouth Shop
In this workshop, you’ll create a beautiful combination of Fall-icious color in an antique cranberry box! Choose your favorite color of mum as a centerpiece and surround it with an brilliant array of plants which can include the bright lights of celosia,the deep purples of decorative kale, add to that a kaleidoscope of coleus, spikey ornamental peppers and a selection of foliage plants ranging from exuberant to luxurious!

Container Gardening with Mike! begins at 11 am.  All plant material, supplies, and container are provided. You’ll create your stunning, living, finished container filled with the best and most beautiful of  our own blooms available that day.


Spots sell out quickly.



Come by or call the Plymouth Shop


Crystal Lake Garden Shop

252 Summer Street –  Plymouth Ma  02360

Pumpkins and apples and cider! Oh my!

Pumpkins and apples and cider! Oh my!

In Store Today!

We have pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. In soups, stews, breads or pies, the pumpkin is a versatile fruit. Pumpkins are wonderful
 steamed, mashed and seasoned. They are fabulous for lovely baked desserts. The most popular way to use a pumpkin is to carve it into a spooky Jack ‘o Lantern.  A pumpkin is the epitome of autumn in New England.
pumpkins and apples and cider

There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh, crisp apple.

In store today, we have three delicious varieties, all perfect for cooking or eating out of hand. Try a Ginger Gold, with a mild flavor and a bit of tart. A Cortland with its sweet flavor, is a superb dessert apple. The ever popular McIntosh,  is suitable for both cooking and eating out of hand. A  Mac is both sweet and tart and great for juicing.
pumpkins and apples and cider
When it comes to cider, C.N. Smith makes the absolute best!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy cider is hot mulled cider a popular autumn and winter beverage. Warm the cider to just below boiling, then add cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg, cloves, or any spices you enjoy. We have half gallons and gallons available, stop in and check ’em out!

pumpkins and apples and cider

Fall – A Welcome Change

 Fall – A Welcome Change

We’ve had some rain the last couple of days and it was a bit humid, but I welcomed the rain. I enjoy the change of season from summer to fall. When the temperatures change and a chill is in the air, I feel like a weight has lifted and there is relief.

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple
Let It Go…

With the heat of summer mostly behind me, I can relax a bit.  I don’t have to worry so much about my gardens drying out so fast. The dog spends more time outside and the cat doesn’t have to be dragged indoors at night, he comes in on his own.  I spend less time watering and more time planting some great fall annuals, adding perennials to my gardens and planning for spring.




I love the colors of fall. With the autumnal equinox, nights and days are of almost equal length. Leaves change and bring beauty without me having to lift a finger. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks and everybody else are super busy getting ready for winter. I get a kick out of all this activity.

I’m super happy to start cooking indoors again. I find a slower pace, I don’t spend as much time rushing about to get things done. The endless stream of barbecues slows a little, baseball is winding down and football is warming up. School has started and routines and schedules are in place again.

pumpkin and cinnamon
Pumpkin and cinnamon – Thanks to BBC News
Comfort Food…

My favorite things about fall are the apples, pumpkins, squashes and mums. There is nothing like biting into a fresh, crisp apple. Or the aroma of pumpkin or squash roasting with butter and cinnamon. I delight in the varied colors and textures of mums and choosing the ones that jump out and say “Take me home!”

Great choices for fall planting!

The preview to fall is here and actual fall is right around the corner. Throw on a sweater and stop in to say HI!

mum field
We grow our own mums in Carver!

The Plymouth Shop is open daily 9-5.  Our own Mums, pumpkins, cider and apples will arrive soon! We’ll keep you posted!

You can learn about the equinox here.