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SuperSecretSale begins Saturday, May 23, 2014.
Florific New Guinea Impatiens
Regularly $3.99 each – On sale this week for 99¢ each!

That’s right folks, ninety-nine CENTS each!


Florific New Guinea Impatiens do well in sun or part shade. I love them because they put out flowers on top, where you can see them! These plants are very strong growers in pretty colors. Florific  New Guineas will fill a garden bed quickly, creating a mass of color. Load up while supplies last. Limit 40 ea. per customer per visit.

We also have  6″ Patriot geraniums on sale this week.  Patriot, the All American geranium regularly sells for $9.99 each. This week, if you buy three or more, the price drops to $6.99 each.

While you’re here, you may want to check out our grafted tomatoes. They are heirloom types grafted to ultra strong growers with a super high yield and double the fruit of traditional heirlooms. A 1 gallon pot is $9.99.

Folks, stop in and check out our specials and all of our other fine plants.

Get Your Garden Back to its Roots by Incorporating Native Plants!

Lured by the gorgeous new offerings each season in glossy garden catalogues and magazines, you might be tempted to choose plants not well suited to your area – an expensive and time-consuming error. High-maintenance plants, artificially kept going by herculean efforts and costly fertilizers, can also be discouraging as they often do not survive. Continue reading Get Your Garden Back to its Roots by Incorporating Native Plants!