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Coleus – Unmatched Versatility

Coleus – Unmatched Versatility

A Super Plant

This is a great plant with endlessly colorful foliage all season. Diverse colors, leaf shapes, growing habits make it a great plant for containers or the landscape.  Our coleus are sun lovers and can be used in shady areas to add color.  Tall or short, narrow, bushy or trailing, there is a coleus for your garden!

Unmatched Versatility

Traditionally grown for shade, new varieties tolerate sunny spots quite well.  They prefer evenly moist soil and can be pinched throughout the growing season to encourage new growth. Fertilize every 2-3 weeks or use a time release fertilizer if you wish.

In the greenhouse

Coleus blossoms are insignificant and can be removed so as not to take away from the beauty of the foliage. While neither unattractive or showy, the blooms are small and lavender in color and kinda cute!

We love this super plant  because it doesn’t ask for much and puts on a great show all summer and into the fall. The reds, oranges, purples and greens in many different hues stand on their own compliment other plants .

Stop in this weekend and check out our coleus. They make a great addition to any garden. They are also very quiet and make good neighbors…

SunPatiens – Flowers that Flourish!

SunPatiens will rock your world!

Offering brilliant, vivid color from spring to frost, SunPatiens are the plant that won’t quit. Fast growing, this superplant  absolutely loves the sun and will grow to two feet wicked fast! Great for borders and large containers, disease resistant, their performance has been proven time and again.


Want devastatingly beautiful color? The SunPatien is for you. How about big, bold, bodacious plants that just won’t quit? Again, the SunPatien. Need a plant that is easy to grow and maintain? SunPatiens are your plant!

The Crystal Lake Plant Challenge of 2017! 

Stop in to either of our shops and obtain any Crystal Lake plant.  (You may certainly have more than one if you desire!) Plant said plant in your garden or container, and let us know about its progress.  Take and send a photo, stop in and tell us about it or alert the media! Whatever way you choose, the bottom line is we love to hear your successes  (and failures) with our plants. We also love to hang out and chat about your gardening experiences and the ways you use our plants to brighten up your spaces.

And remember what Mike says, “If I can grow it,  you can too!”

Mothers Day is on the Way!

Mothers Day is on the Way!

What’s happening at the shops that’s exciting? We have a couple cool treats for Mom in store…

Mini-Creative Workshop for KIDS!

Stop by the Plymouth Shop with the kids anytime on Saturday May 13, 2017.  Kids can put together a quick and easy container for Mom! Everything is included for a beautiful little living gift. Kids can choose from a nice selection of plant material, chosen from the prettiest of blooms that day. Easy and fun,  kids of all ages can make a gift for Mom that she will love!

Cost is $10

 No need to register, Stop in anytime on Saturday May 13, 2017

Crystal Lake Garden Shop

252 Summer Street –  Plymouth Ma  02360

Moms Love Flowering Shrubs!

We have a super selection of flowering shrubs budding up and ready to please Mom on her special day! Choose from Hip Hydrangea,  Pretty Peonies, Cute Clematis or the ever Awesome Azalea! Ready to plant, a flowering shrub is a thing of beauty Mom will cherish for years to come.

Mothers Day
Hip Hydrangea, Pretty Peony, Awesome Azalea and Cute Clematis

You can also check out our selection of hanging baskets, spring mixes and great containers, all ready to go! Vibrant color, interesting textures and cool new varieties are all in store.

Mothers Day
Hanging Baskets and Spring Mixes!