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Hanging Basket Sale! Buy One Get One Half Off!

Hanging Basket Sale!

Buy one get and get one half off!

(Items must be of equal or lesser value)

We have hanging baskets of all sizes, with many different types of plants and loaded with color.  The first day of summer is right around the corner and our baskets need to find new homes!

hanging baskets
Hanging Baskets provide vivid color

Stop in this week and check out our fine selection of hanging baskets! These wonderful gardens let you put color right where you want it! Petunias, Calibrachoa, Begonia, Verbena, Lobelia, just to name a few, all come in hanging baskets ready to beautify your space. Do you have a sunny spot or a shady spot? We have a hanging basket you will love.

Hanging Basket
Sun loving color all season!

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

When Keats penned that, he may not have had plants in mind. But it has been scientifically proven that plants make you happier.

(What science and where? I don’t know, but it sounds plausible.)

Anyway, even though there may be a few showers in our future, hanging a plant in your garden is a great way to brighten spaces, lift a mood and make a plant happy!

Buy one hanging basket, get one half off. Items must be of equal or lesser value. Sale in effect until Thursday June 22, 2017 or while supplies last.

Patriot Geranium – Buy One Get One!

Patriot Geranium – Buy One Get One Free!

(while supplies last)

The All American Plant!

Here’s Mike to tell you about the Patriot Geranium…

Big and bold, Patriot Geraniums (also known as Boldly)  LOVE the sun! They are low maintenance, last all season and provide a vivid splash of color.

Since Mike grew too many, he’s offering a buy one get one deal! They will never be more affordable. It’s the deal of a lifetime!

We have Patriots in red, white and pink, both in the Plymouth and Carver Shops.

Patriot Geranium

The All American Plant – Patriot Geranium will wow your friends and make any landscape or container pop! Easy to grow and maintain, the Patriot will tolerate very hot and dry conditions and will only need to be watered twice a week.  You can feed them twice a month with a general purpose fertilizer for a WOW! factor of 11!

Stop in and check ’em out!

SuperSecretSale! Ground Phlox


Ground Phlox!

Ground Phlox in full color. 1 quart pots on sale for $4.99 each. A full tray of 10 is $39.99. Offers SPECTACULAR early spring color year after year! SuperSecretSale in effect while supplies last.


Ground phlox, sometimes called creeping phlox,  is super easy to grow and creates a colorful early spring carpet of tiny blooms. It’s a great addition to rock walls, between paving stones, in planters or in the landscape. Phlox thrives in a variety of conditions. Just about any soil type will do as long as you plant phlox in a spot that has at least a half day of sun, but full sun is great too! A perennial plant, phlox stays green after flowering and through the growing season. Each plant can spread to 2 feet and grow 4-6 inches high. Colors include lavender, pink, white and light blue. Once the plant is established, a quick trim after blooming can promote a second bloom.  Once established, phlox will spread and give you masses of beautiful blooms each  spring!

Ground Phlox
Phlox with Lilies

Check out the Farmer’s Almanac for a good article on planting  phlox! Click or tap HERE to read…

Stop in to the Plymouth Shop and check ’em out!