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open hours
Open daily 9-5

New Hours Open 10-6! With our new hours we invite you to stop by and browse the store, at a distance of course. While shopping Crystal Lake, please be mindful of others by wearing a mask and maintaining 6 ft between employees and other shoppers. Shop swiftly and deftly, allowing others to gather their beauty. We’re happy to see everyone and share the fun of gardening with all. Let’s all put a little color in our lives.


Stop in and check out our selection of herbs, vegetables, flowering annuals and perennials! Tomatoes and peppers are in, as well as kale and lettuces. We have a nice selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. As the warmer weather comes to stay, we’ll have a bunch of different and colorful coleus plants with fun frills and textures. Try annual climber, such as dipladenia( with beautiful trumpet like blooms) or a thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan vine). We have a good group of shade loving hosta, an easy to grow perennial. Try growing sunflowers with kids. They love to see how tall they get and how big the flower is!

Peruse our selection of herbs, veg and flowering plants!

New stock arrives daily.

Everyday we restock our shops from our own greenhouses in Carver Massachusetts. Colorful gardens are superfun to grow, because you can choose a favorite color scheme or just go with a crazy kaleidoscope of colors. Short or tall, climbing or trailing, we choose the best and brightest for our shops. This could be your most beautiful summer ever!



Crystal Lake Garden Shops – Better Blooms for your Bucks!

“If I can grow it, you can too!” – Crazy Mike 2015

The Carver Shop is OPEN!


The Carver Shop will be open Tuesday – Saturday 10-4
The Carver Shop is OPEN and we will be limiting the amount of people shopping at one time and practicing social distancing to keep everyone safe and healthy. We won’t have an online store for Carver, but we’re here to load up your car and carry plants for you. You can call the shop if you’d like to ask questions or just want more information.


The Carver Shop is OPEN and we are excited!

Pretty Spring Mix!
SuperCute Spring Mix Basket

We have a bunch of cute early spring annuals available, as well as a nice selection of perennials. It’s still spring, the weather is still cool, so we can offer you plants that do well in early spring and can take the cool temps and uncertain weather. Most of all, we have color! In these uncertain times, we can help you brighten your spaces!

Color! Ranunculus Rocks!
Ranunculus and Pansy

Crystal Lake Garden Shop
19 West Street
Carver MA 02330

The Plymouth Store is still offering curbside pickup, their online store is up and running, and you can phone in orders. 508-746-4439.


Crystal Lake Garden Shop

Tuesday through Saturday 10-4

While we are all in the midst of the Covid-19 upheaval, we want to let you know Crystal Lake in Plymouth is open and offering hurbside pickup, Tuesday through Saturday, 10-4. We know gardening is important and we’ll grow through this together! Just like plants, we need light and air to grow. We want to encourage you to get out there and get your hands dirty. However, in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, we’ve decided to offer only hurbside pickup only in Plymouth at this time. Hurbside pickup is just like curbside pickup, just with a catchier name. So for the time being, the interior area of the shop will be closed to visitors. But we do want you to have the plants you desire, so we’re going to insist on picking plants of the best color and quality for you.

Check out our new online store!

Viola, pretty in pink, orange and a purple so dark it looks black
Vivacious Viola

Click here to go to the online store! The online store is new, shiny and cute as a button! Gretchen put it together in an effort to keep everyone safe, but still be able to color their world! In the online store, you can search, choose and pay for items. You’ll get a time to pickup your items in Plymouth. When the time comes, drive in and we’ll load you up!

Phone orders are good too!

telephone orders

We can also take phone orders. If you know what you’d like, you can ring us at 508-746-4439. You may pay over the phone with a card, or pay with a card when you arrive to pick up. We’ll need a little time to get your order together, but we’ll discuss that during the call.

We’d love it if you used a card…

But we do understand this isn’t an option for everyone. We strongly encourage everyone to pay online or over the phone with a card. For the online store, the only method of payment we can accept is a credit or debit card. If you’d like to pay with cash or by check, give us a call. When we go over your phone order, we’ll make payment arrangements at that time.

Crystal Lake Plymouth – We Are Open!