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Shade Gardening for Beginners

Shade gardening is an essential skill for homeowners who want to keep their entire property green and thriving. Most residential yards have some areas that rarely get direct sunlight and are prone to soil erosion because nothing grows there. This is especially true under spreading trees (such as oaks) which have dense foliage. Residential structures like houses and fences also tend to block sunshine and create dim spaces.  Continue reading Shade Gardening for Beginners

Shade Gardening—Making a Dull Landscape Interesting

Trying to get grass to grow under our trees tends to suggest to us that shade gardening is going to be a challenge. However, many gardeners do, in fact, grow plants in shaded areas successfully.  Certain plants actually thrive in the shade. In fact, many people who are successful at growing sunny gardens also set some plants in a shady place just to get away from the heat. Actually, there are many perennials that grow well in the shade, but the soil must be enriched. Continue reading Shade Gardening—Making a Dull Landscape Interesting

How to Use Textures in Garden Design

Including textures in garden design adds depth and interest to your landscape. Blending different sizes and shapes is one aspect of this art. The surface quality of each plant also plays an essential role. You can see the difference with your eyes, but you will also want to reach out and engage your sense of touch. The balance of light and shade in your garden is another element that comes into play. Here are a few ideas to get you started as you explore the textural aspects of your garden. Continue reading How to Use Textures in Garden Design