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A Succulent Garden

Selecting Drought Tolerant Plants The plants listed are just a partial listing of plants that have been shown to be drought tolerant. All plants, regardless of how tough that might be, will need watering until the root system is established. The key to effective watering is when and how you water. Always water early in the morning and try […]

Deer Resistant Gardens

Selecting Deer Resistant Plants for Your Garden Deer damage has become more prevalent due to increasing deer population, real estate development, and human population shifting from cities to suburban living. Although one of the best insurances against deer damage is a fence, the more aesthetically pleasing alternative is to landscape with deer-resistant plants. Planting a deer resistant garden is easier […]

Fragrant Garden

Enjoy a Fragrant Garden The butterflies favorite blooms are the sweetest, most colorful ones. Their main food is nectar from flowers and the best way to attract them to your home garden is to plant their favorites in large groupings. As far as butterflies are concerned there can never be too many flowers! Make sure your garden […]