Patriot Geranium – Buy One Get One!

Patriot Geranium – Buy One Get One Free!

(while supplies last)

The All American Plant!

Here’s Mike to tell you about the Patriot Geranium…

Big and bold, Patriot Geraniums (also known as Boldly)  LOVE the sun! They are low maintenance, last all season and provide a vivid splash of color.

Since Mike grew too many, he’s offering a buy one get one deal! They will never be more affordable. It’s the deal of a lifetime!

We have Patriots in red, white and pink, both in the Plymouth and Carver Shops.

Patriot Geranium

The All American Plant – Patriot Geranium will wow your friends and make any landscape or container pop! Easy to grow and maintain, the Patriot will tolerate very hot and dry conditions and will only need to be watered twice a week.  You can feed them twice a month with a general purpose fertilizer for a WOW! factor of 11!

Stop in and check ’em out!