Simply Beautiful Fanfare

The exciting news about the Simply Beautiful Fanfare Impatiens series is that they are spreaders and trailers. These Impatiens look incredible in hanging baskets and containers. Of course they are equally at home in beds and since they spread, you’ll need fewer to cover the same amount of space as traditional Impatiens. They have the added bonus of handling heat better than common Impatiens.

The Fanfare Impatiens series comes in 6 colors: Fuchsia, Blush, Lavender, Orange, Pink Sparkle and the latest, Bright Coral. Mature plants reach a height of 16 – 20″ and can spread up to 2 feet.

Maintenance of the Fanfare Impatiens Series

Fanfare Impatiens are no fuss plants. Just keep in mind that flowers that bloom profusely benefit from a rich soil and some periodic supplemental feeding during the growing season.

  • You can amend the soil with organic matter or use a slow-release fertilizer when planting.
  • Mulch after planting and give them a light feeding every 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Fusions Impatiens enjoy a little sun in the morning, but prefer afternoon shade.
  • Heat and humidity don’t seem to faze them.
  • If they should begin to look leggy toward the end of summer, Fusion Impatiens can be rejuvenated by shearing them back by about 1/3. New growth and flowers will follow shortly.