SuperSecretSale! Ground Phlox


Ground Phlox!

Ground Phlox in full color. 1 quart pots on sale for $4.99 each. A full tray of 10 is $39.99. Offers SPECTACULAR early spring color year after year! SuperSecretSale in effect while supplies last.


Ground phlox, sometimes called creeping phlox,  is super easy to grow and creates a colorful early spring carpet of tiny blooms. It’s a great addition to rock walls, between paving stones, in planters or in the landscape. Phlox thrives in a variety of conditions. Just about any soil type will do as long as you plant phlox in a spot that has at least a half day of sun, but full sun is great too! A perennial plant, phlox stays green after flowering and through the growing season. Each plant can spread to 2 feet and grow 4-6 inches high. Colors include lavender, pink, white and light blue. Once the plant is established, a quick trim after blooming can promote a second bloom.  Once established, phlox will spread and give you masses of beautiful blooms each  spring!

Ground Phlox
Phlox with Lilies

Check out the Farmer’s Almanac for a good article on planting  phlox! Click or tap HERE to read…

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