Weather and early spring planting

Weather: why it’s important when planting in early spring

I love shopping for early spring plants. I’m excited about finally adding some color to my spaces after the long dreary winter. Planting perennials is one of the things that really gets me going and I begin planning my summer gardening projects. But, weather always puts me in check. I can’t go too far planting because it just isn’t time yet. That’s why we consider weather, early spring planting.
cool windy 

Chilly, Windy and Overcast

Funny thing about Mike, he is super touchy about his plants. He won’t put things out before the weather is just right. What he has out now in the shops is good for uncertain, early spring weather and temperatures. There’s a good reason why you won’t find tomatoes, New Guineas or calibrachoa in the shops today. It isn’t warm enough, it’s not sunny enough and it can be too windy and rainy. We are in a period of uncertain weather. Planting vegetables and summer annuals now will result in stunted growth that will take weeks to recover. They may not recover, and may need replacing.

What is safe to plant now?

What Mike does have available in the shops are things that will endure cool temps, overcast days and rain showers. You’ll find colorful annuals like, Martha Washington geraniums, ranunculus and the ever vibrant and varied pansy. He’s got some lettuces and herbs and you’ll also find supernice perennials with interesting blooms that can be planted now. Spring is here, it’s true. An important note is that it is early spring.
iceberg lettuce

Stop in and check out early spring plants

We’re all ready to get out there and get our hands dirty. We love our summer veggies and superb summer annuals, but it’s just to cold for them now. Perennials are a fabulous way to satisfy the urge to plant in early spring. So, while our shops aren’t jam packed with everything you need for the summer, they are offering the early spring annuals that will take this uncertain weather. Another great option are perennials that can go in now and provide years of early spring blooming delight. Clearly a better bang for your buck!
pretty pansy