Fairy Gardens – Miniature Fun!

A Fairy? Really?

Fairies love mushrooms…

I think there may be a fairy looking to take up residence in my yard. In the last few days, I’ve noticed little things that are odd, but not out of the ordinary. A small, sunny spot weeded, a broken ceramic pot moved and what looks like a tiny bench and campfire. The idea that a mystical being might want to live in my yard is exciting. I’ve decided I’m going to try to welcome her.

How to make a  Garden attractive to a fairy

Fairy in her garden

Size matters!  I hear that a fairy will take over an attractive space and make it her own.  Fairies, like humans, love warmth, comfort, quiet and feeling safe. With that in mind, one could create a magical space that would seem like home to a little sprite. Add tiny plants that will grow and flourish, but make sure to space  them out a bit to give them room to grow. Anything colorful will delight a fairy and entice her to move in!

Choose a good spot

A container or a garden in a sunny spot is a great choice for a fairy garden. A good spot also needs access to water. A little water now and then is important. You don’t want your fairy to have to carry water to her garden, right? Make sure you can help the garden along with regular watering. A dry spot is all right, provided you can add water easily. Choose a spot that is out of the way of running dogs or kids, lawnmowers or curious kittens. Your new neighbor wants to feel safe, remember? Pick a good spot out of the way, but close enough for you to keep a good eye out.

little birdies…

Add things that will help a fairy

tiny cyclamen

Fairies are industrious little creatures who want to help. A happy fairy will keep watch over all of your other gardens if  her garden is comfortable and feels like home. A house to shield her from the rain, a table to sit at and munch her lunch or a few tiny garden tools will go along way to help a fairy. Beautiful flowers,wonderful greenery and tiny statues are important too. Choose things you like, if you’re happy about your garden, a fairy will be too!

Help take care of the garden

All gardens need your attention. Yours is no different. Regular watering and feeding is important. Take care to see that weeds don’t invade your tiny fairy home. Keep your little neighbor safe by making sure her house is safe and secure. But most of all, love your garden and it will bring you immeasurable joy! Enchantment awaits!

tiny viola