Lettuce Bowls – BOGO!

The leafy, green vegetable that’s easy to grow!

Especially if you try one of our Lettuce Bowls!

I’ve been craving crisp, crunchy texture in my meals for awhile now. I’m not satisfied with what I can get from the grocery.  Last week I took home one of Mike’s  leafy bowls and fresh lettuce sure does hit the spot! I love that I can just grab a leaf or two on the fly, and not have to mess with a whole head. A quick rinse and I’m off to the sandwich board.

Sooo, Mike planted a ton of these bowls but they came in a little late. I don’t know how that’s a bad thing because I think they’re fabulous. The lush, leafy, abundant containers are ready for your sandwich or salad. But lettuce isn’t just for a salad or a sandwich anymore.  I tried this little gem of a recipe and thought I’d pass it on.

BLT stuffed Tomatoes – recipe.com

bacon lettuce and cheese stuffed tomato
WOW factor:11









Did you know that Thomas Jefferson had 19 different varieties growing in his garden at Monticello? It’s also the second most popular fresh vegetable in the US.  (#1 is the potato.)

crisp and crunchy, lettuce saves the day!


This week, stop in and check out our superfun lettuce bowls. They are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE from Friday May 20, 2016 until they’re gone!

Folks, don’t forget what Uncle Mike always says, “If I can grow it, you can too!”

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